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    Ohai there! Tis but another fan page dedicated to everything and anything that has to do with the wonderful show The Good Wife on CBS.

    Take a gander around! Need to vent all those emotions? Have a request of a certain character? Send a message! Do to your hearts content ;D

    There's a character directory just to make it easier to find what you're after!

    Ps: These images are not mine and nor do I claim copyright to any image unless stated otherwise. (Just to cover myself ;P)

    Happy strolling!

    Today's Status

    HAHA! Sah sah funny!! Love it!!

    HAHA! Sah sah funny!! Love it!!

    Tagged: #The Good Wife #TGW #Denis O'Hare #Josh Charles #Will Gardner #Linda Emond #Leora Kuhn #Charles Abernathy

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